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Below we have a selection of genuine video testimonials from recent trainees and courses, below these we have a number of written testimonials that we have received over the years.


Firstly could you please pass on my thanks to Mark, Rob and the team for a fantastic course delivered last week, I'm sure I can speak for Malcom, Justin, Alan and Rob in that we all thoroughly enjoyed the week at Train Locksmiths. I'm on in Chorley so you can expect to see quite a bit of me for one thing or another but more importantly to keep in touch with a great set up. Once again thanks for your assistance and speak very soon.

Mr Paul Evans, Chorley, Preston (Graduated 2016)

Fantastic college, fantastic instructor and staff running the whole show. Would recommend to all who are interested in becoming a locksmith. Thanks

Mr David Stokoe, Northumberland Armed Forces (Graduated 2015)

Loved my time on the course, it has given me a rock solid foundation for a successful career. The support and time I received after the course was and still is invaluable. It is a family run business who will always be there to help. Best decision I have made to choose this course over the others available.

Mr James Warham, Preston (Graduated 2015)

I was leaving the armed forces and heard of Minitey of Defence resettlement that I could use my ELCAS claim credits for a course. I found Train locksmith on google and was impressed from day 1. I finished my 7 day course in September 2014 and been working as a self employed locksmith since with the help of the staff at train locksmiths going me work and advice along the way. I would recommend this company to anyone thinking of setting up as a locksmith as its crucial you get the best start straight away

Mr Jonathan Whittaker, Leigh Armed Forces (Graduated 2015)

After being made redundant from my last job, I was in need of another job. Jonathan (whom I met through a friend of mine) told me that Train Locksmiths Ltd were ready to take members of admin staff for their newly launch national locksmith division; this is called ‘Nationwide Locksmiths’. With my extra talents about computers I could also tackle SEO and social media which was perfect. I went to the interview and all the staff showed a lot of faith in me from the off and have never looked back. With the abilities and teamwork shown throughout the whole of the workforce, I saw a lot of potential and knew I could make a great addition to the team and that we can drive forward as a unit. After a month or two of working here, Mark – the owner – decided that I should take part in the Level 3 Locksmith Training course as it would help my knowledge and terminology when speaking to customers and engineers on the phone. The course was a massive help to me and my locksmith vocabulary extended far greater and far quicker than I ever imagined. Mark is a great tutor and with years and years of experience I would definitely recommended (without sounding too biased). Because we are a nationwide company, we have engineers scattered around the country all trained and qualified from our Level 3 locksmith training course. Due to the amount of work we get nationwide, it is extremely important that I have a strong friendship with all of them and would like to add that they are all fantastic, hard-working engineers and I wouldn’t swap any of them. Sometimes out of work hours we text each other to see how we’re getting on or share jokes etc; and that is important because we as admin staff need to maintain the connection with our engineers and it also makes everyone’s jobs a lot more enjoyable. As a whole, Nationwide Locksmiths is a remarkable company and I would like to thank the management for giving me the opportunity to work here and be a part of such a great team. We are constantly growing and in the near future our dream is to become the number 1 locksmiths in the whole of the United Kingdom. Let’s hope we can achieve that, keep up the good work guys!

Stephen Barker, Leigh (Works at Nationwide Locksmiths)

I recently completed 24 years service in HM Forces and faced the daunting challenge of a new career as a civilian. I had no previous work experience as I joined the Army shortly before my 16th birthday. I had already completed my Career Transition Workshop but still had no idea of what I intended to do after my service ended. It was my intention to find a trade or gain a qualification where I could be self employed, work flexible hours for a reasonable income and continue to challenge myself. I stumbled across an advert for Train Locksmiths Ltd in the education centre one day and it seemed to satisfy what I was looking for. I attended the (7 day) ELCAS/MOD Level 3 Enhanced Locksmith Qualification (House, Industrial, Commercial & Automotive Locks) course in July 2014. The course covers the fundamental basics of the trade and provides the skills that are required to start up as a sole trader or sub contractor. The learning environment is relaxed, friendly and full of information not only from the instructors but from the staff and indeed the students. There is a family feel about the whole experience that does not end on completion of the course. The ability to call the school/duty locksmith when out on private work for advice, guidance and or to share knowledge is invaluable. I have now started up as a sole trader (Kelty Locksmiths) in Fife, Scotland and conduct sub contract work on behalf of Nationwide Locksmiths. The Subcontract work is invaluable when starting up as establishing a company and the reputation to gain employment is a slow painful process. I easily earned back my registration fee within 8 weeks of trading. I would highly recommend Train Locksmiths Ltd to anyone who is interested in becoming a locksmith. There are a number of courses available that claim to provide the same product but from personal experience the 7 day course is the minimum duration that can provide the basic skills, opportunity to practice and more importantly speak to a highly skilled and experienced professional team. I keep in touch on a regular basis, have attended a subsequent course since qualifying and will be attending courses at the school in the future. My success in the trade can easily be related to the training I was given, the advice that is available and the confidence that when I am on the ground I am not alone, I am one call away from my colleagues.

Peter McIntyre (HM Forces) Kelty, Fife (Graduated 2014)

Becoming a locksmith was a huge change for me, so I really needed to make sure that I was as well equipped for new career venture as I could be. Train Locksmiths Ltd were highly recommended by a previous student, which was a key factor in my decision but I also looked closely at what other courses were on offer from different companies. A number of factors swung it for me - the breadth of the training, the small class size, testimonials from other students, the qualification and the 24 hour support continuing well into the future career as a locksmith. I found the NVQ programme (Level 3 Qualification) challenging and stretching but I was impressed by the obvious skill and commitment of Mark Aldred, the instructor and Martin Aldred, the manager which who I keep in contact with on a daily basis. The right amount of time was allocated to each of the areas that we were studying, and there was plenty of opportunity to put the learning into practice. It was good that there was flexibility to ensure we’d all mastered the subject before moving on to the next. The work I’ve had from Nationwide Locksmiths, which is the national locksmith sector of Train Locksmiths Ltd since the course has helped me start to get to set up as a self-employed locksmith. The ongoing support, both from Train Locksmiths and other students has been very beneficial. I’ve subsequently returned to take the boarding up course, which is an indication of my confidence in the training. If you’re thinking about becoming a locksmith, I’d recommend Train Locksmiths wholeheartedly.

David Dodge (Graduated 2014) from Liverpool, Merseyside

Thanks to ‘Train Locksmiths Ltd’ I am now a fully qualified locksmith and also able to board up windows and doors, this has helped me tenfold as some of my jobs as a locksmith require more than just opening, repairing or replacing lock. A few times I have had to attend a house that was broken into by smashing a window, so now I can offer up my new services and the customer does not have to get in touch with another company. The course only took up half a Saturday and was also a great price, a lot cheaper than some other companies that don't even show you how to use the bolt and brace method. I was fed and watered continuously with coffee and the atmosphere between the students and teacher was great. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of becoming a locksmith as it opens up your abilities and work portfolio. Thanks Train Locksmiths P.S. I still cannot wait till the Level 4 Advanced Locksmith Course is out let me know ASAP

Matthew Richardson (HM Forces) – Darlington, North East (Graduated 2014)

The Level 3 Enhanced Locksmith course was all it says to be… Not a quick and cheap 3 day course where you're in and out as quick as possible for a better turnover. They only have 4-5 on each course and on mine there was 3 people in the class, which was brilliant as you get more one on one time with the tutor. I chose this college because I wanted to be not only certified but also qualified to do so and they have a brilliant reputation from other locksmith and rival companies, which is a shock but shows they are doing well. The course and staff are brilliant would highly recommend to anyone. I am now a self employed locksmith with a fast growing business with the help of Nationwide Locksmiths who is giving me regular sub-contract work at great rates and no percentage taken from jobs which is a surprising bonus compared to other companies.

Lee Dean (Locksmith Solutionz), Graduated 2014 from Leeds

Having had 10 years’ experience in U.P.V.C doors and windows, I thought a career change was the right thing to do a locksmith was the right choice. Excellent and enjoyable course, the course was taught at the right pace with plenty of chances to ask questions which Mark explained how to do the task with ease. Mark’s teaching technique is easy and relaxed, he allows the students to take in all the lesson content before moving on to the next stage. All in all I'm extremely glad that I did my locksmith training with Train Locksmiths Ltd, the whole course was run in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere. The end result was I came away feeling confident to run my own business as a locksmith with a certificate of qualification. Many thanks to Mark and all of the team (family) at Train Locksmiths! I hope to keep in touch and let you all know how my new venture pans out, I will be advising your course to anyone who asks. Thanks again, take care Stephen Thomas Bangor,North Wales

Stephen Thomas (Graduated 2014)

I Cannot speak highly or recommend Train Locksmiths enough for their 7 Day Level 3 Advanced Locksmith Course. It was a superb course, extremely detailed but taught in a magnificent laymen’s terms type of way. Genuinely believe you will not find a better course, venue, teaching practices and value for money anywhere in the UK. I was made redundant from my previous employment and decided on starting up my own business as a Locksmith. Absolutely no experience in the trade whatsoever, but come day 7; I felt competent enough to go out and start my own business. The guys at Train Locksmiths also offer you full support once you start out so you don't have to be worried or daunted by your first few jobs. It genuinely feels great to be part of the Train Locksmiths 'Family' and I am looking forward to many years of working together with them and expanding my knowledge and skills further with their other advanced courses on offer.

Mr Andy Crowshaw (Graduated 2014)

It had been 15 months since I took the 7 Day (House, Industrial, Commercial & Automotive) locksmiths course & unfortunately I had not been able to put into practice what I had been taught. I was informed from the staff at Train Locksmiths that I could do a refresher course free of charge which I thought was just a selling tool originally. The refresher course lived up to all expectations. Train Locksmiths don't just talk about what they will do for you, they keep their promises & in my case extra tuition was willingly given. Thanks Karen, Mark & Martin. P.S. Mark still makes a good cup of tea.

Graham French, Hertfordshire (Re Fresher Course 2014)

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