Locksmith Training Courses

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We have a number of locksmiths training courses available from beginners courses to more advanced courses.
Train Locksmiths beginners 5 Day Course is a course guaranteed to change a complete novice into a fully competent Locksmith, so you can carry out all house and industrial lock jobs of which the individual course is intended.
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But first you need to answer the following question:
I would like to become a locksmith because:
  • Locksmithing is an industry that is increasing in demand. More and more people need someone who they can trust to gain entry swiftly or secure their properties.
  • You are your own boss. You do the hours that suits you.
  • Your earning potential is limitless and you choose just how many hours you want to do.
  • You don’t have to work many hours to get a decent wage and with buying my locks direct from an importer I will make even more money on each job.
  • Once trained by TRAIN LOCKSMITHS LTD I will become a certified locksmith and I will never want to do anything else.
  • This is a very extremely satisfying job as each job and each day is different.
  • With TRAIN LOCKSMITHS support I will become a more experienced professional after every job.
  • Locksmithing is a professional occupation of which I earn lots of respect.
  • I will be in complete control of my destiny. I need never be out of work again.
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And a little bit extra:
  • We offer a full back up support service that is second to non (see Testimonials).
  • You receive our invaluable Locksmith  Bible which is a locksmith training manual to take home and carry with you to every job.
  • We make sure you are confident to tackle all locks of which the course is intended.
  • In your TOOL BAG you will receive everything you need to complete work from day one.
  • We import locksmith tools so your bags, to take home, have a retail value of approx £600 for the 5 day course and £700 for the 7 day course.
  • You don't even have to worry about where to buy your locks, picks, tools, keys, machines etc at competitive prices through our sister company in which only people we train can buy all their stock at trade prices, so this saves you time & money.
  • Our House, Industrial & Auto locksmith courses come with the nessesary Tools, Manual, Examination, Certificate & Qualification need to start your locksmith business.
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