Our Locksmith Training

Train Locksmiths have a wealth of experience in the Locksmith industry. Our locksmith courses have been designed by locksmiths for locksmiths. 

We have a vast technical and teaching experience, so all Trainees leave the locksmith courses with the skills required to successfully carry out and complete work, from day one, in their new career as a Locksmith.

You have taken the most important step by showing an interest and here are 5 reasons why you should attend one of our courses.

Reasons to Choose Train Locksmiths Ltd

You have taken the most important step by showing an interest and here are a few great reasons why you should attend one of our courses.

1. Training Courses: -  is the only locksmith training college in the United Kingdom to offer the Level 3 Enhanced Locksmith Accreditation & Level 3 Enhanced Auto Locksmith Accreditation (coming soon), which is accredited by NCFE (national awarding body).. This Certificate of Achievement is accredited by NCFE (national awarding body). We are fully registered with Ministry of Defence (ELCAS Credits), Department of Work & Pensions, Local Government and many more high profile organisations.

We don’t do 1-4 day courses that seem cheaper, as they don’t cover enough information, skills and practical for you to survive in the locksmith industry.

2. National Work: - We have national contracts (including insurance, maintenance and landlords) and we are expanding throughout the United Kingdom, so you have the chance to receive sub-contact work with us straight from the day you leave.

3. Wholesale Company: - This allows you to buy locks at imported prices and earn a lot more profit on each job. As we have a retail shop & an online website to send orders all across the United Kingdom within 24hrs.

4. Full 4 point back-up service: - No other locksmith training company offer anywhere near our level of back-up services, which included:

◦    Online Forum – Allows locksmiths to chat and discuss problems among themselves

◦    7 Day Phone Back-up  – Allows trainee’s to call an on call locksmith to help with problems.

◦    Course Refreshers – Allows trainee’s to complete parts or full course again free of charge.

◦    Experience Days – Allows trainee’s to do onsite experience with our locksmith doing daily jobs.

5. Handy Tips: - We give you many contacts to help you become more successful like:

◦    Printers - to publish your business card, invoices, receipts etc.

◦    Web designers/SEO consultant - to create an optimised website.

◦   Business Plan - to create an effective set-up guide to your successful locksmith business.


Locksmith training courses plus a little bit extra:

Train Locksmiths Ltd offer a full back up support services that is second to none (see Testimonials), which no other locksmith training centre can offer.

•    You will receive our invaluable Locksmith Bible, which is a locksmith training manual to take home and carry with you to every job to assist you with every locksmith job. Plus you will not leave us until you feel confident and competent to tackle all types of locks.

•    You will receive a priceless TOOL BAG, which will allow you to start jobs from day 1 but you have been taught how to use all the tools throughout the course on a daily basis. This tool bag is worth approximately £600 - £700 RRP.

•    All our courses come with the essential Manuals, Progress Charts, Assessment Sheets, Monitoring forms, Examinations, Certifications, Qualifications, Back-up Services and much more. These documents make you become a successful locksmith business straight from the first day of the locksmith training.

More reasons why you should be a successful locksmith with our Locksmith Training Courses:-

•    You will be in complete control of your destiny.

•    You need never be out of work again.

•    This is a very extremely satisfying job as each job/each day is different & helping customers with emergency on a daily basis.

•    You will become your own boss with your earning potential is limitless and you choose just how many hours you want to do.


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