Keep Your Valuables Safe During Festival Season

It’s finally here, Festival season. Hopefully the weather will stay the same and as well as plenty of stories you’ll also want to come home with your tent and valuables all in one piece. I mean, who wouldn’t?

With this in mind, here are a few tips for safe festival camping…


Don’t bother with a padlock

That’s right! For once we’re saying – Ditch the Locks! Doesn’t matter if your tent cost you £20 or £300, the only thing a determined thief needs to “break in” is a penknife, Blade or even something simplistic as a sharp stick.
For once, in such situation a padlock is likely to attract more attention to an opportunistic thief and is going to likely cause the assumption that there’s something interesting inside. To see if there is anything of value in your tent, they are much more likely to slash the side panel than spend time trying to get through the padlock. Not only does this result in the loss of valuables in your tent but also the loss of a waterproof shelter for your duration at the festival!


Pitch near a traffic route

If pitching your tent is a free for all, there’s one major tip at Train Locksmiths we can give you and that is to aim for somewhere within eyesight of a toilet block, car park, the main path to the stages or other area where there’s going to be a steady flow of people. Although this might not be the best position if you enjoy a good early “bedtime” (Early nights at Festivals.. ? Is that even a thing!). The reason why we advise this is because these areas in general tend to be better lit and thieves are more likely to operate in out-of- the-way spots where there’s less chance of an audience.



If you know who’s supposed to be in your area, it becomes easier to spot a stranger. It’s also handy to have someone to keep an eye on your stuff while you’re away (and for them too! You always repay the favour!). If you give your camping zone a lived-in feel by leaving it looking messy, this can help to give the impression that it’s a busy area.


Don’t leave valuables at the tent door

It’s best to place valuables in a bag and hide them in your sleeping bag before going to sleep. The last thing someone is likely to do is try to get into your sleeping bag to find your valuables WHILST YOU’RE IN IT!


Try to only bring items you can afford to lose

This could mean leaving your smartphone at home and transferring your SIM to an older phone or phone that you aren’t that bothered about going missing IF the situation was to occur. From coats to camping stoves, it’s best to leave any top of the range gear at home – disposable all the way!

Keep your money and bank cards on you and make use of on-site cash machines as and when you need to, rather than having to carry around a large amount of cash. I know the queues are long but wouldn’t you rather keep your money for the weekend rather than have it go ‘missing’. There’s a few places these days as well that take contactless payment, if you do not like having money on you throughout a weekend. Check in advance to see if anywhere on-site at the festival allows card payments.


Report suspicious behaviour

If you see people looking through tents, report this to the event security staff or police rather than approaching the individual yourself. It’s always best to make people aware of any suspicious behaviour. Think of yourself as a festival neighbourhood watch.


Keep all cooking done in the open

BBQs should be used away from the tent itself and should be positioned so the fumes are not blowing into it.


Regardless of whatever festival you’re going to this year. Be it Leeds/Reading Festival, Download Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, RiZE Festival, BBC Music's The Biggest Weekend festival, Creamfields or any others…  Have fun and keep safe!