ELCAS Funded Locksmith Courses Are Available At Train Locksmiths

ELCAS funded locksmith courses are available - They will ensure that you have the required skill to operate as a locksmith. This course is applicable to members of the armed forces and former members of the armed forces. If this does not apply to you, the equivalent course is the Level 3 Advanced Locksmith Qualification. These courses have the same content, accreditation and back-up service, the difference being the entry criteria. The Advanced Locksmith Qualification will take a student with little or no experience in the locksmith industry and transform them into a competent, qualified and confident locksmith. The course covers vehicle opening as well as house, industrial and commercial locks.

If you are a member of the armed forces and would like to learn the skills of a locksmith. ELCAS locksmith courses are available from Train Locksmiths. You will learn how to open a variety of locks such as rim cylinders, mortice locks, aluminium doors, window locks, digital door locks, and domestic safe locks, amongst others. As part of the course you will receive a tool bag that contains all the basic tools you need to operate as a locksmith. You will also know how to use all of these tools. The Level 3 Advanced Locksmith Qualification will provide you with the same, and is available if you are not a member of the armed forces.

The training provided by Train Locksmiths on the ELCAS funded locksmith courses is comprehensive and of an excellent standard. The training is accredited and is fully registered with the Ministry of Defence. When you train with them, you receive more than you expect, and their backup support after training is second to none. You will receive the support you need to function as a competent locksmith. If you are considering doing ELCAS locksmith courses, CONTACT Train Locksmiths today. They will advise you on the course that best serves your needs. A locksmith training course is an investment in your future. Once you have completed training at this institution, you will be competent to advance in your new career.