Issues with Cold Weather and Locks...

With winter being at the door step, now is the best time to take precautions in order to maintain functionality with your locks over the winter period. Here are some simple yet effective ways in order to tackle this issue or prevent this from happening!


One main issue with the change in the weather is locks freezing over. Door locks, vehicle locks, window locks and garage door locks can get exposed to cold air which can cause them to fill up with an icy build up – which will result in the key slit becoming blocked.


With frozen locks the first thought to mind is usually “get the boiling water”. At Train Locksmiths we highly DO NOT recommend this as a solution as this can cause more damage to the locks and a thicker build-up of ice in the key slit long-term. There are several alternatives of lubricant spray that are designed to dissolve the congestion with air pressure or high ethanol based products. A really simple technique if you are in a rush and find your lock being congested is to use anti-bacterial hand wash. Anti-bacterial hand is made up of a high percentage of alcohol so is not likely to freeze and will melt any build up in the key slit. Alternatively to this, it may be recommended by some people so gently heat the key up before inserting the key into your door. This can be done by simply rubbing the key between your hands, we do not recommend using items such as lighters, boiling water or other methods in order to heat up a key as this is a) unsafe, b) may warp the key and c) cause more damage to the lock than required.


Throughout the year make sure that you are regularly oiling your locks and checking for rust and general wear and tear damage. Simple things like this can help you prevent issues when the weather changes.


Another major issue which can occur during the cold weather seasons is the contraction of locks due to low temperatures and cold air. If this happens we would highly recommend that you call out a professional in order to have a look at your doors as attempting to get into a lock which has contracted may cause you to cause damage to the door due to the key more than likely being none compatible with the lock no more.


At Train Locksmiths, we are working throughout the winter period to offer you reliable and quick service. Don’t be left out in the cold – get your locks checked before it’s too late.