5 Ways To Feel More Secure In Your Own Home This Christmas

As a locksmith throughout the winter period. Here at Train Locksmiths we spend the majority of our time servicing and fixing problems with doors and window locks throughout the north west. It’s important that during the winter season that all of your locks are fully functional on your property. With the long dark winter nights offering opportunity for theft and burglaries to happen it is mandate that your security is given a high priority. Here are some suggestions from the team at Train Locksmiths in order for you to keep your property safe throughout the remainder of the winter period:



Make sure that you check that all your doors (rear, front and patio doors) are fully functional and operational. By operational, check that your door can both open and close with ease and can be fully locked and unlocked. If you find either of these an issue with your door, it may be worth getting this looked at. Issues like this can usually lead up to further problems down the line such as one day you may come home from a long shift, the weather is horrible and you’d find that you are unable to open your front door. It’s always best to take precautions when you start to notice issues rather than leaving it later – as the saying goes “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. These issues are often easily rectified by a professional locksmith at a reasonable price.



Over 85% of people admit to not checking their windows as much as they should. This is a worrying statistic. Windows (particularly those that are easily accessible from the outside – ground floor, balconies etc) should be thoroughly checked to see if they can be closed and locked properly. At Train Locksmiths we have been called out sometimes to some jobs locally and found that the property owners didn’t already have locks fitted. It is IMPORTANT that you make sure that you have locks fitted to windows as not only does it secure your property but it is usually a necessary requirement in home insurance policies in case of break – ins. Not having locks on your windows could null your insurance, is it really worth NOT having window locks installed?



Check that all your external doors have fully functional and services doors. All your deadlocks should carry the BS kitemark on the faceplate (For more information on the BS kitemark please visit one of our staffs blogs here: What is the BSI Kitemark?). If you are still not sure that your locks are up to standard or may be are conflicted about if your insurance will accept the locks you currently have installed, check with a local locksmiths in order to get a survey to find out if these are up to requirement.



A simple change to your routine such as closing your curtains or blinds as soon as it starts to get dark may actually help deter burglars from your property. It may seem like a pretty trivial and small thing and you may ask yourself “how will this prevent me from being broken in too?”. One main thing with a high number of thefts you have to remember is that they are not pre-emptive to who’s property will actually be broken into. Burglars work on opportunity. A potential burglar is more likely to be put off attempted theft of a property they are not sure what it is inside and can use the cover of darkness to peer into your property to scope your valuables before breaking in. It would draw less attention to a burglar doing this in the dark than in broad day light – denying them this opportunity makes it harder for them and could potentially stop theft.



We’ve all been there when it comes to being locked out your house. It’s not a pleasant experience – but adds the cold weather and dark nights to this and this can make this situation a lot more stressful. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have access to a spare key, be this family member or neighbour. It is highly recommended to NOT leave spare keys around your premises “hidden”, you never know who is watching you and knows where your key is being ‘hidden’. If it is not possible to leave a key with a family member or neighbour who you trust -It might be worth looking into key minders/external key holders so that if you do find yourself in a situation where you are locked out of the key, you are able to access a spare key so you’re not left out in the cold.