WHY join the locksmith profession?

The locksmith trade is an age-old trade that has only recently become a common household name over the last hundred years even though locksmiths have been for thousands of years!


The locksmith trade has evolved massively in recent years to the extent that locksmiths now covering automotive, access control and boarding & glazing, which wasn’t part of a locksmiths daily services.


Being a locksmith is a worthwhile career, which mainly involves us being the knight in shinning armour to customers saving the day when locks fail, keys get stolen and burglaries. This means that the customer satisfaction is very high and makes each job worthwhile… Also due to our trade being classed as an emergency trade, the money is great for the time-spent working and means you don’t need many jobs to cover costs and start earning profit.


Additionally, the trade is full of new technology, historical artefacts and amazing gadgets it makes every day interesting and exciting.