Interested In Becoming A Locksmith - What Should You Do?

Many people love the idea of becoming a locksmith but have no idea how to go about it.. This article should help with your decision and you can always contact us to get a personal call from a tutor.


How long does it take to become a locksmith?

This is a great question! Some locksmiths like us will say you are always on the journey to becoming a great locksmith as there is always more and more knowledge and skill to be learnt in any industry. However, our Level 3 courses (Level 3 Enhanced Locksmith Qualification & Level 3 Enhanced Auto Locksmith Qualification) are designed to take you from complete beginner to ready to begin a career as a locksmith.


How long does it take to set my company up?

Usually locksmiths take about 4-6 months to set up if they are going it alone. However, our students receive a detailed business plan and support package making it alot easier, quicker and simplier to get that locksmith company started.


What services can I offer? 

From our courses, you will be able to provide a wide range of services for House, Industrial, Commercial & Automotive sectors including:

Lock Changes, Lock Entry, Lock Fitting, Key Cutting, Code Changing, Problem Solving, Door Adjustments, Lock Repairing and much more.


What is the average wage of a locksmith?

The average wage of a locksmith can vary dependant on skill quality, experience or areas you cover. A General Locksmith would averagely change £100 per job and an Auto Locksmith would averagely charge £150 per job and then based over a year.

Trainee or Newly Qualified: £15,000 - £22,000

Experienced: £22,000 - £30,000

Specific Skilled Locksmith: £30,000 upwards