4 Day Complete Automotive Course

4 Day Complete Automotive Course - £1400 + Vat


(Includes: Picking & De-coding Car Locks, Cutting & Repairing Keys / Remotes, Cloning, Programming & E-Promming New & Spare Keys / Remotes etc.)


Vehicle opening covered

The Window Method – various techniques to gain access between the window and door area.

The Airbag Method – of opening vehicles by using your airbag between the door & car body

The Picking Method – various techniques by over lifting & direct picking to pick the vehicle locks. Including laser lock picking & jiggling.

You will also learn: Auto key Cutting, Cloning & Programming on this course - This truly is a great course. It’s the next step after you have learned how to pick car locks. You will become the all singing all dancing Auto Locksmith after attending this course. 

You will be able to

  • Gain entry to car locks - learn to pick open standard & laser car locks. 

  • Cut new car  keys - Laser, Manual & Tibbe Car Keys.

  • Cloning Keys - using the latest key cloning machines to clone new car keys to start your vehicle

  • Programming new car keys - using the latest car key programming software to code car keys direct to the vehicle.

  • Programming remotes -  using the latest car key programming software to code car remotes direct to the vehicle.

  • Reading ECU Module - Using machines to read vehicle pin codes, fault codes etc.

And learn how to use most Auto Locksmith effective tools out there.